Eating at our aparthotel
Simply good food. No chichi, no serving with tweezers, no plate dab. No classic half board with an endless number of courses. But real food from Austria, regionally as much as possible and a lot organic. And real food that just tastes good. Be able to decide to your heart's content every day.
Mein Weiden
Breakfast & Dinner
Dinner "Smart Kitchen"
decide daily
€ 34 for all up from 15
€ 13,50 children

Smart kitchen. That‘s good.

Eat & drink what your heart desires

A little less please? Don't worry, our Smart Kitchen makes you full and happy. But instead of filling your stomach every evening with a 6-course menu feast your way through the culinary delights in our Smart Kitchen according to your own taste and needs. And best of all: You decide every day whether you want to use the culinary offer in the evening!

„Scoop & enjoy“ from 6 p.m. to 7.30 pm daily

And this is how it works: You can decide daily until 10 am whether you want to use our Smart Kitchen in the early evening. We'll always tell you the menu 8 days in advance. Decide according to taste, your heart's content and your daily planning.

Our Smart Kitchen is different every day, freshly cooked, no convenience but with many regional and organic products. There is always soup, main course, starters and of course something sweet. Either for scooping or garnished in practical glasses. If just a few guests book the smart kitchen, we serve you your dishes.

The Smart Kitchen you can start in the restaurant between 6 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. for sure you can enjoy there in the restaurant as long as you want. If you prefer to eat later you always have the opportunity to take away.

Enjoy culinary delights

Homegrown. Regional. From Austria.

Organic products. Honest and simply good. Less meat. More variety. Herbs and spices. Freshly cooked. Always vegetarian options. Sometimes fish. Less waste. These things are important to us when we cook and eat. And that is what we would like to offer our guests with culinary delights.

We ourselves value cooking and good food very much. Host Georg has been in the best kitchens in Austria and has cooked as a chef himself for many years. He has mastered the craft of cooking inside out. And the hostess? It goes without saying that for Nadja as a TCM nutritionist and herbalist, cooking and eating are very important too.

We bring nature with all its seasons and facets into our kitchen. We collect, dry, cook and preserve so that enough green ends up on our guests plates- even in winter. Our competence in matters of health, TCM and herbs is also evident in the area of culinary art. Although the most important ingredient: the love of cooking and enjoyment.

Our most important ingredients:
herbs & love

Anything but ordinary? Fancy & healty food in Schladming

Who needs „Fancy bowls“ with chia seeds, goji berries and so on when there are local superfoods such as linseed, sea buckthorn or aronia berries? Homemade and regional instead of organic and from God knows where. Although organic makes sense, of course, but the transport routes often have to be weighed up with organic. Hence the question: does it always have to be extraordinary? We don't think so.

Honest cuisine and homemade with valuable foods is making more sense. With our sustainable culinary concept, we want to restore the importance of "simple" cuisine. And we can implement a lot of useful things with this concept: regional shopping. Sustainability. Less waste. No convenience. And what about the meat! We wouldn’t say no to a good bacon bread or schnitzel but only if the ingredients are produced honestly and appropriately. That is why we deliberately want to offer less meat for more variety in our cuisine in the hotel.

With our culinary concept we can obtain smaller amounts of meat directly from the farmers in Schladming because we don't have amounts available all the time. And it makes us really happy when you know the farmer from whom you get your meat. That makes sense. That is real sustainability, a real statement. No abuse and no empty words for image cultivation.

All we need is less.

That is our personal motto. Generally in life. Enjoy our Smart Kitchen cuisine in the evening. It makes you replete and happy. And that without a 6-course evening menu in the mostly much too lavish half-board style. No full stomach in the evening but space for a fine gin and tonic or another bedtime treat. Really good cuisine with fresh food and lots of variety to decide day by day.

A lot of freedom and flexibility during holidays in Styria

Vacation in an apartment is one thing above all: a lot of freedom and flexibility. But because we are an aparthotel with added value we would also like to offer our guests flexible cuisine in the early evening. You can eat out but you don't have to! Here are a few ideas with which dishes we will spoil you at the Smart Kitchen ...

    Semolina dumpling soup I potato “gröstl” I salads out of the Rex glass I Kaiserschmarren with apple sauce
    Fennel and pear soup I burger & pulled beef from local beef and burger bread from the Lasser bakery I coleslaw salad out of the Rex glass I lemon tart out of the Rex glass
  • Wednesday: "CARTE BLANCHE"
    Chef David is surprising you today
  • Thursday: "SMART PIZZA"
    Cauliflower curry soup I two types of flat pizzas, vegetarian or with bacon from a wooden board I various salads out of the Rex glass I chocolate dream out of the Rex glass
  • Friday: "MEAT FRIDAY"
    Wild herb cream soup I emmerotto with wild garlic and sheep's cheese I salads out of the Rex glass I strawberry-rhubarb bar with oatmeal crumble
  • Saturday: "HÄFERLGUGGA & REIN (DL) LOOK"
    Crepes stripe soup I Egg dumplings out of the Reindl I green salad out of the Rex glass I Nadja makes oven-fresh apple strudel in the open kitchen à la TCM
    Minestrone I Homemade pasta (also gluten-free variant) I salads out of the Rex glass I Tiramisu from the glass and gelati (ice cream buffet)

Would you rather have breakfast in the apartment or enjoy the smart kitchen? In the apartment you will find a small “Weiden” basket to get your pre ordered pastries. You can steal a tray at the buffet and enjoy your evening meal in the apartment.

Stay flexible and decide every day whether you want to eat in the hotel. We are the only hotel in Schladming that offers you this freedom when it comes to culinary delights. Send us a non-obligation holiday inquiry and enjoy your holiday in Schladming.