Holidays for your heart
A special 5th star. The Herzkinder Österreich Association. And a very personal affair of the heart for us.

Holidays for your heart

Our hearts are beating for the Heart Children Association Austria

Anyone who knows us is aware that we are personally connected to the Herzkinder Österreich. The holiday camp of this great association has been taking place at our hotel for many years. We are very pleased that so many kids with heart conditions and their siblings – without parents – spend exciting days with plenty of space for adventure, fun, courage and coming to terms with their conditions, here at our hotel. 

Our 5th star is  a heart

After the first holiday camp of Herzkinder Austria we received a really nice and wonderful praise from the children and supervisors of the group:

"We were able to enjoy absolutely warm care and reception in the hotel of Georg & Nadja. THANK YOU for the great support and the very warm and personal care. We award the Niederl family with the entire team from the hotel a "5th star" in the shape of a heart - the star of absolute warmth. "

We were very happy about it and took these lines as an opportunity to put this great praise into practice. Since then, we have always been accompanied by a heart in the logo.

An invisible bond connects

The people in the Herzkinder Österreich association share all the same stories – all different but yet the same.  It's about the heart. Herzkinder. But also about the siblings and the parents. We can make a small contribution to happiness by hosting an annual holiday camp of the Herzkinder Österreich Association.

You are on holiday in the Hotel Weiden and thus automatically support the Herzkinder Österreich Association

We support big things with a small idea. From every invoice leaving the Hotel Weiden € 1 of your vacation sum gets donated to Herzkinder Österreich.

The association Herzkinder Österreich supports children who are born with a congenital heart defect and their families through donations. Expansion of the children's heart center in the Kepler University Hospital Linz as well as projects and research work on heart health are supported. The “teddy houses” in Linz and Vienna were also built with it. The teddy house is a home for parents whose children with their heart conditions often have long hospital stays. A very valuable facility for all over Austria and often beyond the borders.

Freedom is that you don't have to do everything as others.

Herzkinder stay at our hotel for free

All childrens with heart diseases up to the age of 18 stay for free at the Hotel Weiden when they are on vacation with their families. We & our heart teddies look forward seeing you!