weiden (german, ['vaɪ̯dən])
Slow Down. Against ordinary and fast-moving holidays.

A breathe of fresh air but charming as ever

Vacation rethought. Made in Austria.

Our place at the Rohrmooser meadow and the panoramic view from the hotel to Schladming, the Dachstein glacier and far into the Ennstal are our namesake. Our personal claim for a valuable vacation and to slow down now and then is the eponym and philosopy for our hotel.

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On the one hand we are convinced that holidays should get back the original meaning of recovery and rest. On the other hand the basic idea „all we need is less“ is our guide.
This resulted in a meaningful, refreshing name that reflects our surrounding at the beautiful meadow above Schladming.

We are full

Full with information, advertising, products, food, drinks social media, time pressure and stress are often our companions. Although we have got so much free time and freedom on our hands, the term “work- life balance” is on everybodys lips.

We deliberately focused therefore on reduction, pureness and ease. Nobody needs overstimulation anymore, especially not on holidays.

„Weiden“ feels good

A special vacation, characterized by relaxing, leisurely activities in nature. Whether as a couple, family, with friends or a time out alone.

A vacation where relaxation and recharge your batteries are the top priorities. This is best done in nature and in a beautiful place where you can feel good. Your home away from home. With many favorite places to find your personal space. With living room feeling and charm.

Go outside to discover yourself.

Our claim. Our belief. The focus is on yourself. The meadows and expanses of the surrounding landscape. And the many opportunities to be in the middle of the Schladming Dachstein region and draw energy from nature.

We have been around for a long time! 1971.

Well, not us in particular, but our hotel. We, Georg & Nadja, arrived 1978& 1981 on this beautiful world and since 2007 have been running the hotel together. And the new journey with Weiden started 2021.

But lets start from the beginning: In 1971 the Hotel Rohrmooserhof was founded by our (in-laws) parents and successfully managed until 2007. In this year the fate of the hotel was directed to us. We have further developed and managed the Rohrmooserhof according to our needs. And we really grew fond of him. But, as it is when 2 innovative minds come together and the many ideas then also hit the zeitgeist: something new is created!

So we started a “new journey” in 2018 and the Weiden project was born. Built and opened in 2021 and ready for everything.

Freedom is that you don't have to do everything as others.

„Weiden“ is a new way to draw energy.

Weiden is:

  • treat yourself
  • have time
  • a toboggan run
  • read a book
  • watching clouds
  • doze off
  • enjoying apple strudle with whipped cream and cappuccino with mascobado sugar
  • a sunset
  • a sunrise
  • rustling leaves while walking in autumn
  • smelling the forest air
  • watching bees
  • collection herbs
  • breathing deeply
  • adventure and boredom
  • having a good time with family and friends
  • real good food
  • laugh
  • hike
  • enjoying sweet idleness
  • skiing
  • slowing down
  • easygoing
  • go home, miss us, come back 

Do you like our WEIDENstyle? We are looking forward to your non-binding holiday inquiry for your holiday in Schladming am Dachstein. Great ideas and adventures are waiting for you.