Thats us
Georg. Nadja. Lena & Ida. A family. Pretty normal. Most of the time.

A Hotel for happiness

We offer holidays with heart, honesty & without frills

“All we need is less.
We don't want higher, bigger, further.
We like small, fine and charming.
We prefer quality and innovation.
Being a host with heart and mind is our passion.
Our luck."
Georg & Nadja Niederl

We are staying..

We have been a dream team since 1998 and been working together in the hotel since 2007. Formerly at the Hotel Rohrmooserhof until we turned it into the Hotel Weiden in 2021. We love what we do and are both creative minds. And we are convinced that holidays should be given back their original meaning. Relaxing.

We're not rushing to trends

We do what we ourselves are convinced of and what we like to do.
That makes us happy. And that's what we're best at.
Our Hotel Weiden. With valuable vacation offers. A fresh culinary concept, a lot of freedom and a lot of flexibility.

It's me. Georg.

The family is most important to me. I am enjoying a cozy meal with friends, I like the cold season and my favorite tree is the larch. I consider loyalty, honesty and satisfaction to be important values. My places of longing are Styria and South Africa. I enjoy listening to my daughters Lena and Ida telling me about their day, when I can work in the garde. In the hotel I am the creative head in the kitchen and a precise mind in the office, which sometimes gets in the way of my wife who is listening more on her gut instinct.

It's me. Nadja.

Most important to me are Georg, Lena and Ida. I like being outside in nature, I like reading, enjoy my herb garden and like bureaucracy. Spending time with friends is important to me and I need it for my soul. I think I have a good feel for people, I like to plan and organize. Sometimes I find terrible rainy days really nice. And gin and tonic too, by the way. I like to jump into the Spechtensee and to sit by the sea. I am quite impatient and stressful at times. I am interested in medicine, TCM and TEM. I love order and cleanliness, which keeps everyone in the hotel busy.

Freedom is that you don't have to do everything as others.

What we hope for you

“We wish our guests, our employees and ourselves the mood of the 4 seasons, the warmth, the clouds, the fantastic views of the mountains, the summer freshness, unique experiences in nature, the freshness on rainy days, the rainbow when the sky clears, the winter landscape that glistens in sunshine and the snowstorm on some winter days, take time to recharge your batteries, treat yourself to a break from everyday life, relax and enjoy, find a good night's sleep, indulge in luxury - and take out the pace of everyday life, find someone to laugh with every day, be a child, meet friends, celebrate and have fun. And love. And health."

Your hosts, Nadja & Georg Niederl

We look forward to welcoming you to the Hotel Weiden. We have lots of ideas for you for your break in Schladming. Just send us a no-obligation holiday inquiry.